Construction Management Step-By-Step Guide and Best Practices

Construction Management Step-By-Step Guide and Best Practices

Starting Up

If you want to be a construction manager, first of all, you need to understand construction. Start on site, and understand the process from the ground up. I think that this should be a given, for although your theories might feel spot on, there is still that need to truly see and feel the atmosphere of the site for you to truly be effective.

Make Mistakes (But Not Deliberately, Obviously)

Well, yes, make mistakes, but do learn from them, and be sure to remember them and their solution on your next projects. There is so much growth in taking mistakes this way, as learning opportunities that could only make you better as a manager and as a person. Of course, as much as you can, you must avoid them and counter all the possible mistakes pre-construction and during planning, but do not be frustrated by those that you do encounter; learn to calm down and take note.

Develop the Scope

First, you have to know and understand on what ground you are standing in, both literally and figuratively. The identification of the scope and the limitations of the project means the identification of the specificities and the overall direction of the construction, for which without identifying these scopes and limitations, the project will be more prone to changes and future mistakes. Develop this first and stick to what is in it all throughout the processes and then finalize. Here, the resources must highly be taken of note.

Manage the Design Phase

Now that we have the scope all settled in, we can manage the design around this. Managing this area is in terms of just making sure that the design specifications are within the set scope and limitations. This is where most of the development takes place. A good area to encounter and overcome mistakes, so in this step, is to not be afraid of making changes and seeing what is or what could be better. Taking inspiration from other projects can come in handy once you handle issues within this step.

Advertise the Project

Once all that is done, the advertisement and proposals come in, which of course can be handled by a different team other than the main construction and engineering crew. This is more in marketing and social connections, so do not be afraid to find help beyond just construction; external inputs in this step may be more of a necessity than that of the other steps.

Manage the Contractor Up to Completion

Mistakenly viewed most of the time as the only actual management done when it comes to construction management, this step is indeed the most critical and the biggest play, as this will seal the deal and ultimately, in goodwill, aid you into future projects.

In here, the actual constructions are done, and skills are put to the test. Have this step done perfectly and the next project will come in easier that you may not even need to advertise or bid for one.

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