Challenges Encountered by Construction Managers

Challenges Encountered by Construction Managers

There are two types of challenges that the construction manager encounters.

The most basic and obvious one, as per category, is the technical aspect of constructions and management, design, resources, biddings, and unpredictable circumstances.

The most difficult challenge to manage of all that is encountered by construction managers, however, are the very social aspects of the involved transactions, meaning the people that they themselves must have to encounter. Of course, there will be easy social transactions; it is the difficult ones that are really difficult. Imagine you need one company as a supplier for a very important resource to your current project and there are two choices: one with a more feasible location and pricing and the other which is not as feasible and not as affordable; seems like a simple choice, right? But here is the catch: the owner of the former is known to arguably cheat on clients that are not “close” to his favor. Either he would mix low-quality items into the ordered batch or something else, but let us just say that this is the case. So what will your approach be?

Your answer might be different from mine, but hopefully, you did it with a thought on possible future transactions and encounters.

The solution is just knowing how your attitude should be when encountering these challenges, for they can come as a learning experience for future references or either as a very terrible haunting decision. Learning to be mindful, empathic, and calm during encounters of these kinds can help you and your team make the right decisions. As much as possible, do not make or take the decision as a personal thing, and be more critical but still take note of social implications.

Sometimes it is best to look from the bottom of the pyramid for solutions, for these people in terms are very familiar with the effects of the problems, and you might just be surprised of the wisdom that they might have when it comes to finding solutions to your biggest problem, so do not be afraid to ask, and always see through that you meet your team.

Of course, there are more pressing challenges that could be covered here, but those that of legal technicalities can always be passed on to your legal team (if you have one). Budgeting and cost monitoring are also a possible challenge to encounter depending on the project. Scheduling, on the other hand, is a solution turn into a problem when it is taken for granted by the team and taken so lightly that it almost is being ignored (note that this practice could promote more issues in the further future). Again, if we dissect these problems and challenges, we will see that the human factors of the transactions, e.g. disregard of schedule, disregard of duty, and personal conflicts of interests, are the leading cause of them. So here, we propose that the approach to be done should be more on the social and personal side in which the managers play as leaders who instill leadership values to all of the members of the team, ensuring that everyone ticks in a positive way, reducing future encounters of similar challenges, and, if so encountered, knowing the right attitude and correct approach. Is not that all that we need?

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