The Anatomy of a Construction Project

The Anatomy of a Construction Project

A construction project may contain more than the following parts that will be given within this blog, but for most of the cases, the ones that we will be tackling are the major limbs that will always be part of a construction project.

The Project

None of these other parts would be relevant without the actual project. This is the most crucial and important part of everything else. This may be put in mind before the actual design and acquisition of the project if biddings and proposals are of concern.

The core of the whole construction project is the project itself.

The Client

A project will always have a client. It is of utmost importance to know the client as it is to understand the required requirements for the project. The client is either a person or a group that initiated or requested the project. A client may be the one to approach you with a project, or it is you who will have to approach the client to submit a proposal for a project.

The client will be either hands-on or not in interacting with you and the project, or he/she/they may give the whole responsibility to the construction project manager, but in all cases, the client must be timely updated of the status of the project.

The Designers

This is the part of the construction project where visions are brought to reality through the scrutiny of great minds. In here, the floor varies from architects, engineers, to even artists from time to time. This group may exist even before the acquisition of the project and most of the time will continue to supervise the construction to make sure that the vision is played out as planned and designed.

The Contractor

The contractor is the team that will handle the resources needed in the construction. They may be responsible for both the people acquired for the construction and the supplies and resources needed or at least one of either, for there may be more than one contractor per project. Contractors are acquired either within the design phase or after, depending on the situation. Contractors, in most cases, also bid for the projects which in turn pair them with a construction project manager or vice versa. There are also cases where the construction project manager may come from or with the contractor.

The Construction Project Manager

The one who manages everything from the ground up. He/she must have any form of background when it comes to construction as a prerequisite, but one of the most important aspects that is to be highlighted is that he/she as a construction project manager must know how to deal with people from the bottom to the top of the pyramid. A balanced construction project manager does not only rely on theories alone but also considers the thoughts and opinions of his/her team members from the top to the bottom of the pyramid.

So those are the most common and basic anatomical parts of a construction project. In your projects what extra parts do you have?

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