Simple Steps for Preventing Construction Claims

Simple Steps for Preventing Construction Claims

Simple Steps for Preventing Construction Claims

Construction businesses have the second-highest bankruptcy rate than any other type of private business. One in four projects in the construction industry receives a claim. Why? Because construction is seldom simple. Projects are complex, which makes them all more susceptible to disputes and claims. The process could be going great, but one delay, late payment, costly rework, or an unpaid invoice has the potential to derail your progress wherein you’ll be receiving legal claims from your client. Even if the project is completed, there is still a possibility of getting a claim.

Constructions are a major hassle and will leave you grasping for the remains of your company. Painstaking litigation and legal claims are harmful to any construction company as this can affect them years after the job has been done. 

Consequently, if you want what’s best for your company and avoid high risks of getting a claim, invest in a training course for this matter with construction wiz Jamil Soucar. Jamil’s construction claims training course will provide you with everything you need to know in claims management. Below are some of the approaches Jamil Soucar will teach your workforce regarding the prevention of unanticipated construction claims. 

Write A Well-written Contract

A construction claim can be produced when a party requests compensation not anticipated in terms of the original contract or the contractor’s failure to meet contractual terms. We know that there are some instances where things beyond our control happen, and for that, you must be ahead of everything. One way to prevent construction claims is to have a well-written contract. 

Contracts are essential to any business. While oral agreements are generally enforceable, written ones are easier to prove. Great contracts have a fair allocation of risks across all the parties, which helps mitigate the risk and reduce disputes. It should clearly define terms and conditions that protect all the parties. Also, don’t be sly; instead, be open and transparent to manage expectations effectively. A managed expectation is your first-line defense against claims. Lastly, read and be familiar with all the contract terms as failure to provide notification can be a potential legal claim.

Maintain a Good Relationship

Business is business, but it is also essential to keep a strong client relationship. This can go a long way towards helping smooth things over when things don’t go as planned. Maintaining a good relationship is not taking advantage of them; rather, be in their good graces. We are all just people, after all, nobody is born perfect. People understand that mistakes can happen even unintentionally, and things just go wrong. When you have a good existing relationship with your client, you can communicate effectively.  In addition, you are more likely to better resolve your differences without resorting to sending claims. 

Implement Construction Safety Practices

There are plenty of claims type you can receive at any time. One of them is the damage claims. These construction claims are given to contractors as they can damage property while completing a construction job. They may be held liable by the client through the filing of these claims against the contracting company. To be ahead with this problem, you need to consider acquiring insurance. You might be a frugal business owner, but this is another excellent investment. Without insurance against property damage on the job site, your business will face negative consequences like bankruptcy. Being insured on property damage liability enables you to avoid negative consequences for accidental damage. Moreover, you are mitigating injury risks by implementing safety practices to protect your company as well as the workers. 

Always Communicate 

Some construction projects end in a lengthy dispute between owner and contractor. Disputes are inevitable as this can be a result of the careless actions of a client, contractor, or due to some unforeseen circumstances. As much as possible, you might want to avoid disputes as this can damage your name, relationship with the other party, costly, time-consuming, and may disrupt progress. Other than the approaches mentioned above, communication is a method of preventing claims. Construction business is all about communication as it helps resolve issues efficiently. As a contractor, you have to be transparent so communicate with the client timeously, notifying them when problems, delays, and variations arise. You can keep a documentation of the progress, change orders, costs, schedule, and project diary to provide your client why things are not going as planned. 

The steps to preventing construction claims mentioned in this article are only a small portion of what you’ll learn from Soucar himself. His expert knowledge will enlighten you of the mechanisms of claims management. So, secure a training program with him today.

Strategies to Grow Your Construction Business

Strategies to Grow Your Construction Business

Strategies to Grow Your Construction Business

The future is looking bright for the construction industry. The past years have been fruitful; projects are coming in, people are pursuing careers in the industry. Moreover, many new technologies are being developed for the use of construction. The world is constantly changing, and the construction industry can’t stop growing even further. The coming years won’t be different. Without construction companies, homes, buildings, roads, and bridges would literally fall apart. Rest assured that there are plenty of great years for the industry, with more opportunities awaiting small entrepreneurs and start-ups.

However, despite the abundance of opportunities, the market is competitive in the construction business. You have to compete with hundreds of businesses that offer the same services as you. And another problem is everyone is on the lookout for “the next big thing.” Separating your company from others can be arduous. But finding the right strategy will give your business the edge over others in the market. So, how can you grow your construction business? Again, growing your construction business regardless of whether you’re new or have been in the industry for years is not easy. There is no one size fits all formula to boost your company. It requires careful planning and is receptive to new ideas. Thus, below are some strategies to get you started. 

Find Your Niche

Construction is a vast industry, and most people think that working in this industry means working on actual construction— building structures like commercial buildings and homes. There are plenty of new opportunities aside from the traditional work in construction. You can build a construction business focusing on pool products and services, exterior remodeling services, cement block manufacturing, ceramic tile retailing, property development, or construction management services. There is more business niche you can venture into. You might ask: Why do I need to find a niche? The first point sets you apart from the competition; the second point, people trust and are willing to pay more for specialists. Clients prefer working with specialists who can deliver their requests on a certain aspect of the project. This will help position your business, attracting high-paying clients, and generating more customer demand. 

Build a Great Team

The success of any business depends significantly on the people behind it. So, when you’re building a team, you have to hire people more competent and more talented than you. By hiring these people, you can trust them to handle any assignment independently without your supervision, and you are assured of better quality results. It is also crucial that you employ the right talent who sees and grasps the same vision you have. Invest in finding the best fit for the positions. Value each employee by promoting and rewarding them for their hard work and reliability.

Furthermore, keep in mind the phrase “manage your business, but lead your people.” Your employees want to be led, not managed. So be a great leader and consider your employee every time you make decisions. Trust them to do their jobs, and without a doubt, they will be great team-players. 

Invest in Your Business

If you want to grow your business and increase profits, you have to invest in your business; meaning you have to invest money and time into your company. Finding innovative and affordable products are wonderful, but sometimes leveling up is essential to growing. Be open to new developments, buy new equipment, acquire new technology, and provide your employees with the proper training. You can procure the Construction Management on line course by Jamil Soucar. Jamil Soucar has worked in the construction industry since 1983. He has extensive knowledge in construction management and a deep understanding of the industry’s latest and best practices. He offers customized training primarily based on his book and real-work experience. With Soucar’s training workshop, you are molding your employees to be the best people for the job. 

Be Open to Change

With the new technologies leveraged by the industry, such as automation, construction enterprise resource planning solutions, machinery, and so on, construction services keep on improving. Adaptability is one of the keys to succeeding in the industry. This does not mean that traditional practices are being disposed of. Adapting actually means enhancing construction services. Not making the right changes is similar to setting yourself up for failure. 

Make Smart Decisions

You make thousands of decisions every day, some are good, and some are bad. But when it comes to your business, you have to consider everything as your decisions can impact your success for the years to come. Almost all people in business are aware that things can go wrong with one bad decision. It can be hard to make decisions, that is why you have to be smart about it. Take the time to consider all options, aspects, and opportunities. Never rush making decisions, don’t get pressure, or make impulsive decisions. 

Tips in Becoming a Great Construction Manager

Tips in Becoming a Great Construction Manager

Tips in Becoming a Great Construction Manager

Being a construction manager is not a walk in the park. You need to be highly skilled in order for your projects to be successful and for clients to trust you. The common job description of a construction manager is monitoring and leading a bunch of building projects from start to finish. There is just so much to do in a particular period of time, because, of course, you are given a deadline that you should meet.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate of construction managers is forecasted to increase by 8% from 2019 to 2029. Hence, it is more rapid than the average of the other jobs. They are predicted to be essential in monitoring the expected growth in construction events over the future decade.

About 75% of construction managers in the US that are being hired by many patrons are independent contractors. These clients commonly come to their aid to manage certain projects with the use of their expertise and experiences. Among the typical projects handled by these professionals include building renovations, hospital construction, home remodeling, and others.

In order to be the best in the field, you should be equipped with sufficient knowledge and understanding about your job. There are a lot of aspects that are included in the scope of the profession, such as quality management, cost management, safety management, contract administration, and more. Hence, you should be ready to perform all those duties seamlessly within the given timeframe.

So, if you want to harness your skillset and become a better construction manager, then here are some essential tips that you should know!

Join a conference for construction management

Conferences are events that are attended by a group of people that aim to discuss a particular subject matter and teach the participants substantial lessons from the given talk. In joining this kind of event, you will be able to enhance a bunch of skills needed in your field of work. You will also get the chance to widen your network and perhaps attract more prospects.

There are many conferences that revolve around construction management. What you need to do during the program is to lend your ears to the speaker so that you can follow what he is saying and get a handful of learning from it. You may also take some notes so that you will not forget the important parts of the talk; and, apply the lessons to your future projects.

Enroll in an online course

There are truly a lot of perks in enrolling in an online course. These courses bring great convenience as well as huge career advancement. Learning truly doesn’t stop in the four corners of the classroom. Since we are now in the digital age, learning has become more accessible and beneficial. That said; start looking for the best online course that can bring a lot of pursuit of becoming the best construction manager.

Real Life Construction Management Online Course from A-Z is one of the perfect courses that you should consider enrolling in. It is taught by the construction manager and author Jamil Soucar. You can learn from Soucar’s public works construction and experiences, as well as the other fundamentals of the subject that you need to get to know better. You will be surprised at how much knowledge you will obtain and what mistakes to correct after you enroll in the course.

Apply your skills and knowledge in the field

You are already done taking up the online course, what would you do? You already finished the conference that you have attended for three days, so what now? Would you keep the learning that you’ve earned from these educational programs to yourself? No! You will not achieve success if you will not apply your knowledge to your future projects.

Knowledge without being applied makes no sense. So, start recalling those lessons and carry them out during your project. You will be surprised when you’ll see the results. The sense of duty and pride that the success of the project will give you more drive to do better the next time. Hence, you are one step away from becoming the best construction manager that you have always wanted to become.


Why You Should Attend Trainings and Seminars for Construction Management

Why You Should Attend Trainings and Seminars for Construction Management

Why You Should Attend Trainings and Seminars for Construction Management

In construction management, there is always a need to enhance and grow as a professional. There is tough competition in this field because the world is constantly improving and innovating. Hence, there are many businesses and individuals who plan to build, renovate, and remodel their properties, such as buildings, houses, and others. There may be a lot of ways on how to become an effective construction manager, as well as learning materials for career improvement in this field; but, perhaps they are not enough.

You need to participate in activities that help you become a better construction manager, such as training and seminars. There are many brilliant speakers and trainers that you can encounter and will help you in your journeys, such as construction expert witness by Jamil Soucar or the construction manager, speaker, and author Jamil Soucar.

So, if you are planning to take courses for construction management but are still doubtful to pursue — here are the reasons why you should enroll yourself as soon as possible.

Widen your knowledge about the subject

Knowledge is always power. It is the fuel for your creativity and other professional abilities. When you have adequate knowledge about the subject, you wiser you become at seeing the different angles of construction management and the situations that related to it. You can also immediately find the right solution to problems related to your field of work since you have studied and were trained for it. The pieces of training and seminars pertaining to the subject can help you widen your knowledge and learning by listening and taking notes of the substantial things taught by the speakers.

Improve your project management skills

Construction project management pertains to the implementation of methods, abilities, learning, and experiences to hit the particular project goals based on the set criteria and guidelines. Perhaps you are already satisfied with the skillset that you have. However, learning doesn’t stop — which means that you should always look for ways for self and career improvement. By taking part in construction project management training and seminars, you will be educated with the trendy and more appropriate methods and learn some tips on how to harness your project management abilities. You’ll never know how much impact and development they can bring to your career.

Expand your network

In the business world, creating a network is vital. They are the ones that can greatly contribute to your success because they can uplift your profile, provide you tips, give you concepts, develop your career, and among others. The moment you partake in a construction project management seminar, you will meet people who have the same goals as you do. These fellow participants automatically become potential networks, which can significantly help you in the future. Hence, socially interact with them and communicate. Perhaps you can share your concepts and thoughts with one another, and agree to do collaborate in the future.

Create a brand-new mindset

Mindset is defined as the group of assumptions, ways, or beliefs carried by an individual or a group. It is also known to be a person’s perceptions towards the world or his philosophy in life that he is living by. You probably have set your mindset pertaining to your work by now. Perhaps you have been following that set of concepts and beliefs even from the start of your construction management career. But, sometimes the things that we believed in have faults and discrepancies too. When you attend these seminars and training, you will start to develop a growth mindset and see project management in another angle. You can also evaluate where you went wrong and recalibrate your ways.

Set new goals and objectives

Goals and objectives are important not just in the construction industry but also in other fields of business. Hence, you should always focus on achieving your goals, your client’s objectives, and meet deadlines. In that way, your clients will trust you and would continue to tap you on future projects. Sometimes the personal and project targets that you have set may be inadequate or inappropriate. So, when you try joining training and seminars, you can realize that there are still ways to improve your objectives. You can apply these lessons to your career by setting brand-new goals and objectives for your upcoming construction projects.

Everything You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Career in Construction Management

Everything You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Career in Construction Management

Everything You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Career in Construction Management

Are you thinking of taking on the challenges of a construction manager? Do you want to get motivation for doing it? If yes, then this article is just for you. With the construction industry’s growth over the previous years, careers in the particular sector have been highly sought after. A report from the World Report News has stated that construction management careers serve as the number one in-demand position. That’s one thing you can use as inspiration to pursue it. Imagine how great of a feeling it is when you are highly longed for companies. 

As of this point, you might think it is all butterflies and rainbows. There might be something that you might want to know about pursuing this path. If you’re going to push forward, you might want to understand that you need to go through all the challenges that it requires you to take. However good the rewards of the job are, it is still the most critical position of the whole construction team. Construction managers are the ones that overlook the whole project, making sure that everything is running smoothly. Thus, it would be best if you were as diligent as possible.

If you want to know more about the works and responsibilities, you might want to have Real Life: Construction: Management Guide from A-Z by Jamil Soucar. This book covers everything from the history to tools needed. It gives you in-depth ideas on all the practices and approaches needed. You sure want this guide book at hand for you to perform successfully for the role. Apart from the beneficial book, he also has an online construction management course that includes training and seminars. This online course is for everybody. Whether you are a professional or just starting, you can surely get something valuable out of it. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss this learning opportunity.

As promised, this article will give you inspiration and motivation to pursue this career. Below are some of the best reasons for you to do it:

Exciting Work Environment

With all the duties and responsibilities of a construction manager, he will be needed in both office and field. He gets to experience both working environments, which can be exciting. This is one reason for the job not being as tedious as you think it is. You will be meeting and working with different kinds of people with different kinds of personalities. Sitting in the office every day for a great amount of time can be dreading and draining. At least with the requirement for you to go on the field, you will get out of this distress. In other words, you bridge the gap between office work and fieldwork. 

You Can Gain More Skills as You Go

As mentioned, you will meet a lot of different kinds of people. You will learn a lot from them since you all have different skillsets from each other. Learning from your workmates is one of the most important things you should do. If you are open to learning from them, you are open to growing. Additionally, you should not set your mind that you will only learn from those who are higher in position than you; you should learn from everybody.

Fulfilling Job

If you do not feel like you are not fulfilled with your job in any way, you should probably find another one. Everybody deserves to have a rewarding job. This is possible through the working environment you have at work. It is either you enjoy your tasks, or you feel fulfilled whenever you finish a task. You should always make sure that you are someone. 

Compensation is Good

Being a Construction Manager is a rewarding job, both financially and satisfaction. Now that you already know how enjoyable the role is, from exciting work set-up to having personal satisfaction, you can also get compensated very well, especially when you gain more experience from doing it. 

Overall, choosing this career path can be very enjoyable. As long as you are willing to take all the measures that it takes to become a successful Construction Manager, you are sure good to go. From a great work environment to significant compensation, you have all the reasons to pursue a career to become one. 


How to Become an Effective Construction Manager

How to Become an Effective Construction Manager

How to Become an Effective Construction Manager

Having someone to overlook the process of constructing a structure is what makes that whole project work out. The accountabilities of a Construction Manager are extensive in so many ways. They are responsible for ensuring that the operations of the project are going as smoothly as expected. This includes the onsite and offsite aspects, making sure that all deliverables and estimate costs are being provided and followed. The efficiency of the members of the construction projects is measured on how this or these persons are handling them. As they say, the success of every project is because of the success of its employees. Thus, if you are someone who wants to be successful in doing the duties of a Construction Manager, you need to have the proper skills in order to be effective. 

Do you want to get an in-depth discussion of this topic? Jamil Soucar’s Construction Management book will give you information about the best practices to become a successful construction manager. Covering everything in the whole factor of Construction Management, reading it will surely help you conquer all the challenges that might come your way. This book is perfect for everybody since it is written in a conversational style, which will allow them to comprehend the information even better. 

Nevertheless, this article will give you some general tips and tricks on how to be able to perform better in your work. Below are some of the qualities you need to possess:

Commitment and Passion

Leaders with motivation are one of the ones who are committed to the job. What does it mean to have commitment and passion for your job?  It means that you are willing to go the extra mile. It can be difficult to stay consistent with this type of mindset. However, by focusing on the goal and what the reward is for you when you do a great job will drive your force to work even harder. 

Adept Communication Skills

Communication plays an essential role in everybody’s life, in general. However, it becomes more crucial in the professional aspects of the world. Having professional communication among all the people involved in a project is the secret sauce to make all the process smooth sailing. In the construction industry, managers have to communicate consistently on a regular basis. Thus, you will be the core mode of communication. Delivering the right and exact information to the people is a must. This will also help you create a strong connection between you and other co-workers. Through having proper communication among your colleagues will also help you develop empathy towards them, which is also an important element in being a team. 

Transparency and honesty

Having good ethics towards your work means you need to have integrity and transparency towards all things work. This is one of the best ways to gain trust from your members and even those in higher authority than yours. Without honesty and integrity, it is hard to achieve real success for the construction project. A leader with this attribute does not fear to face any challenges that might come. He shall conquer all of it for he knows that he is doing his work as real as possible. 

Excellent Decision Making 

If a person has outstanding decision-making skills, it influences all the other skills, such as reasoning and problem-solving skills.  A construction manager needs to have this quality since the work will involve a lot of decision making. The people that they work with will definitely rely on what this person says. With this attribute, the goals and objectives of the project will surely be met. Plus, all the resources will be properly utilized. This person can address issues that may arise with confidence, carrying a lot of solutions to the problem.

Positive Mindset

Leaders should always have their stress managed if they don’t want negativity to surround the workplace. Having positive thinking is one best way to achieve this. Always focus on the good side rather than the bad side. This will allow you to think better compared to when you are too preoccupied. This will also benefit your mental health. Having a positive attitude is the best way to live life. You can be happier and at the same time efficient with what you do. 

To conclude, for you to become a successful and effective Construction Manager, you need to practice great work ethics. This set of values will you all throughout the way. This is also a way for you to influence your other colleagues to do better since they will look up to you, which also means that your project will be accomplished successfully.

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