The construction phase or design phase is considered as the period in which the contractor or builder takes full control of the overall construction plan and how to carry out its patchwork. This phase is central to the success of the entire project. This is where the entire project’s success is built upon. It is the starting point that will nail success throughout the remainder of the project. This is the point where review, evaluation, and discussion take place. Conventionally, the pre-construction phase involves performing the necessary preliminary planning and engineering in order to fully define the whole process, identify probable problems and analyze cost impact.  In this phase, the contractor can entirely define the formal approach for developing project scope, schedule to execute the construction on time and in control and initiate cost as early as possible with the aim of efficiently using available resources and money. Pre-construction consequently assists the owner to determine if the project is feasible or not. If it is indeed feasible, the pre-construction phase defines the entire scope of work enough to determine the total cost and possible schedule of the project.

The contractor develops a thorough and detailed process of understanding the entirety of the project, outlines a viable strategy and convenes a team with a heart full of dedication and aim to get the job done in time. It is imperative that the team develop a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the main business goals and position the project goals correspondingly.

It is vital to meet the client and discuss the whole process in order to properly lay out the possible total cost involved and the totality of the project. This way, the contractor would have a better sense of whom he or she is working for. This is an excellent avenue for finding out the objectives and resolving any possible queries that the owner may have. Next to this would be a definite and plausible schedule, project scope and cost estimate for the owner. 

The monetary estimation is dependent on the accuracy that the owner requires. Getting the owner on the same page with regard to the proposed budget is essential. Also, the right overall pre-construction planning can be the defining point between an on-time, on-budget project that meets the owner’s needs and specifications. The intent to work with the project’s owner is to deliver a satisfactory project that meets the owner’s specifications. In addition to the monetary aspect of the project, the pre-construction phase enables the construction team to design, evaluate, study, schedule, and review.

Moreover, it is the task of the contractor to dig deeper into the plan and specifications to determine the most economical, viable and efficient way to execute the project plan. It’s an on-going process from the design stage to the whole duration of the pre-construction phase with the aim of producing quality contract documents as well as identifying possible areas of conflict and problems which may affect the proposed schedule and budget.

Lastly, the pre-construction phase is all about well-defined scopes, good plans and an experienced team which will pave the way for a successful construction project.

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